The function of family

I’ll be the first to admit that there came a time when family functions be they dinners, birthday parties, holidays, or reunions, held little appeal to me.  It was around that same time that I held a general disdain for most things that were widely accepted.  You guessed it – I was a teenager! 

Now, I relish these moments and savor the memories that we are building for my son (dreading the day when he too finds such gatherings pointless and perfunctory).  Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming a new member of the family as Jason and Amy were married in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Uncle Chris….the groom’s dad.  Chris married G. and I as well and I’ll admit that memories of our big day floated back into my mind, but were quickly replaced by the present memories being created when his nervousness shone through.  I say that not to point out his jitters, but rather that it was so endearing and such a special time for them as a family.  Below are a couple photos from their big day.  Be sure to check out the Flickr badge for additional pics.

What a beautifully blushing bride!

Their first walk as husband and wife.

I was thinking of putting this in a separate post, but it truly fits within the scope of this title.  As we celebrated the union of this happy couple, some of our joy was put on hold as we received word that Grandpa Lin was feeling rather ill and there was concern that it might be something serious.  A handful of us left the reception early (after the hokey pokey, of course!) and gathered at Gma and Gpa’s house. 

After much convincing, Grandpa agreed to let us call the ambulance as he was still feeling extremely dizzy, was clammy to the touch and had poor coloring, not to mention the fact that he’d vomited several times.  The crew came and suggested they take him to the hospital for further examination.  Reluctantly, he agreed and as I write today, I’m so thankful he did.  After several blood tests, they discovered a significant drop in his hemoglobin levels which is indiciative of internal bleeding.  That’s the latest report I’ve received and have been faithfully praying about this throughout the day. 

Family.  Function.  Together they can mean fried chicken, silly games, goofy dances and an array of memories.  Separately, their deeper meaning comes to light.  Joined in happiness or sadness, the encouragement of loved ones can be just the motivating factor you need.  I’m thankful today for the family I’ve been given and I ask for your continued prayers.

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