Happy Birthday Honey!

10.23.07 001 (2) 

My Dearest Garth,

As I sit here, wrestling with our son to keep his drool-covered hands off the keyboard I can’t imagine being in a better place.  Even with the piles of laundry gracing our couch, the weeds and unwanted leaves adorning our yard, everything about our humble life is perfect.  Not in the true sense of the word perfect, but in the individualized, absolute match, I-wouldn’t-trade-it-for-the-world sense. 

You know I love you, but today, this special day, it’s worth saying again (and for all to hear read).  I adore you.  From the precise way you fold your napkin to your willingness to take on any task or challenge.  You’re the perfect man for me.  Whether it’s a gentle word or the strength of your embrace, you always know just what I need, often before I know that I need it.

Preparing for your surprise party this weekend, I realized just how much I need you; how well we complement one another.  We make an amazing team and I am awed by the fact that I am blessed to spend the rest of my days with you.  What did I do to deserve such a blessing? 

I hope that this year – this thirtieth year – that your wishes come true.  Mine already have.  I love you, babe!  Today and always!