12 weeks + 99% positive attitude * 3x workouts = 36lbs lost

If you would have told me in mid-August, as the sweltering summer heat was making me very conscious of my sweating rolls of chub, that I would be able to a) run a 5k and maintain a 2-mile per day workout and b) lose 36 pounds without feeling deprived I would called you crazy.  Yet here I am – 3 months later and 36 pounds lighter (-4.2 this week!) to say that it really does work. 

This is my third time joining Weight Watchers, and I really do believe that it is the most balanced and realistic approach to weight loss and lifestyle change.  I remember the first time I joined there was a woman who came in and was totally serious and determined to meet her goal without messing around.  Then there was me.  I was gung-ho for a while, but then began to slack.  Plateau.  Cheat.  I played games and convinced myself that I was really doing all that I could, knowing full-well that I wasn’t.

This time, I wanted to be that woman.  So far, I have.  With one week of maintaining and one week of a half-pound gain, I’ve managed to drop every other week.  Honestly, I’m starting to get a little freaked out.  Especially these past two weeks.  I’ve really started to get lax in my devotion to making the right choices.  I almost feel like I need a bad weigh in to movitate me to get back on track.  But who am I to argue with the scale?!

Seriously though, it’s amazing how much better I feel and how much energy I have these days.  The simple fact of taking control over my food choices and my level of activity has made a dramatic difference in all areas of my life.  Knowing that my goal is in sight, it’s pretty exciting to think about the possibility of reaching it by the holidays and then working to maintain.  I hope that all your weight loss or fitness goals are going well or that you’re able to find the motivation to take things to a new level.  I’d love to hear your stories and could use some affirmation or new motivation to stay on the straight and narrow myself!  One thing I’d love to learn more about is spinning.  I’d like to find a class in the area, but I don’t know if there is any “equipment” that you need and/or if it’s worth the cost of a gym membership since. I would also have a pretty hefty drive which (to keep with the math theme of the post) is directly porportionate to the number of times I would opt to stay home.  Spinners – please chime in!

2 thoughts on “12 weeks + 99% positive attitude * 3x workouts = 36lbs lost

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  2. yahoo! congrats, on achieving those incredible goals! it is funny that i read this today – i just signed up for the Pasadena triathalon because while i was in spin class last week i decided i needed to break out of my rut!

    i LOVE spin class. I do it 3x a week usually. the bikes are provided – so all you technically need is water and a towel. if you get really into it – you might want to buy bike shoes with clips, they definitely help if you are doing a lot of classes – you just have to find out what kind of clip your gym has and any bike shop can fit you for them.

    as far as whether it is worth it or not…i can’t really say. i think it is the best workout going – and this is from a pretty long and die-hard runner. i took jam with me one saturday morning and after about 20 minutes he left the class. he was like “how in the WORLD do you do that?” that makes me feel pretty good – and strong!

    email me if you have any other questions so i don’t take up all your comment space – and congratulations again!!

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