Foiled Plans

After catching up on my blog reading, I was reminded of the several topics I wanted to write about myself.  My Thursday night TV shows, my first week of cross country meets, C. scooching and squirming all around the floor, the houseguests we had this past week, and more. 

However, with the wailing from the upstairs bedroom as my soundtrack for this post, I’m prompted to wave the white flag instead.  How is it that one, so publicly serene child turns into a crazed scream-monster at home?  What happens at daycare (a much busier place than home) that results in his 2-3 hour naps as opposed to his 30-minute teasers on the weekends?  Can someone explain how a nose so small can contain so much snot? 

These are the questions that run through my mind.  This is the topic I’m chiming in on.  In so many ways I want to be the mom who has it all together.  Who approaches every situation with an innate loving grace and intuition.  So far, those plans have been foiled too.  It’s the moments like this that I doubt my ability and qualifications for this, my most important job. 

There are so many ways to second-guess myself.  By letting him cry will he grow up thinking that others may abandon him?  However, if I continue to rescue him, rock him, snuggle him into slumber, aren’t I creating a monster who won’t learn how to fall asleep on his own? 

So many questions….

2 thoughts on “Foiled Plans

  1. Have you ever heard the saying, “Mom knows best?” Keep that true to your heart. In these first 12 months of your little ones life, you are learning to do what works for you, for him, and for your family as a whole. These sweet little children didn’t come with a booklet embedded in their placenta so we are only left to do what we feel is best. After each one of our children, I asked myself some of the very same questions that you are. We found what worked for us and stuck to it. Just remember, everyone has their own opinion as to what is best, you must form your own. I’m not sure that it ever gets “easier”, the battles (questions) just change with time. I am sure you are a fantastic mother, with great ability. I’m positive that C is abundantly blessed with a loving mother & father. And I am confident that in time, you will have answers to most of your questions. (And maybe use that insight with your second, third…fifth child) 😀 But please remember to share the answer to your question of “how a nose so small can contain so much snot?” if you ever find out. I’ve been asking this very same question for the last 10.5 years myself! (sigh) Have a great weekend!

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