Monday Moodiness

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re headed into our fourth week of school and the late nights and early mornings are taking a toll.  Maybe it’s the crib recall that hits a little too close to home.  Maybe it’s the unbelievable lack of respect that’s starting to shine through in some of my students.  Whatever it is, today was definitely the first “Monday” of the school year for me.  For the most part, I survived unscathed.  I just realized that I need to do a better job of asserting myself in the classroom and not accepting the incessant disruptions as “normal.” 

Whew!  Sorry for the rant!  I’m back and I’m better now!  I will say that since I’ve got my first cross country meet tomorrow, I had to go weigh in this morning.  I felt like it had been a fairly good week…and I guess I was right!  Another 4.2 pounds!  I really think my body’s just figured out how to do this weightloss thing.  Honestly, I’ve had several “free” days, which is good to know that I can indulge from time to time and not have crazy repercussions!

Off to seating charts for my chatty li’l children!

1 thought on “Monday Moodiness

  1. Congratulations again on another loss. You’re moving right along!! Good Job.

    Sorry about the little chatter-bugs. Hopefully they simmer down very quickly.


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