Drumroll Please…

It’s better late than never, but I forgot to report that Tuesday night I shed another 4.6 pounds!!  That brings me to a total of 22 pounds, and I met my first 10% goal!!  It’s amazing how much healthier I feel and how some of the smarter eating habits have simply become second nature!  I’ve got another 10% goal in mind and after that, we’ll start talking ultimate goal.  I can only hope I continue to have such success!

 I suppose, this is fitness related too…they officially posted the assistant cross country coaching position, and I applied.  As of today I’m acting as the assistant coach!  It’s pretty cool so far and luckily the season is nearly half over….I say luckily only because the long days have me a bit tuckered out each night! 

2 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…

  1. Congratulations on your loss!!! You’re doing a fantastic job. It’s so tough to stick to a workout routine & eating healthy when you’re constantly on the go. You’ve obviously done an amazing job. I’ve been reading but haven’t had much of a time to reply until now. I hope the “poop” bug has left your house, that you haven’t seen anymore “Deer” and that you are having a great weekend. Can’t wait to hear your upcoming progress. -B

  2. Thanks Bec! Things seem to be going well here! It sounds like you’re the one who needs the encouragement! I hope that you were unscathed by the bug that traveled (rampantly) through your household too! And congrats on your high test score! I’m sure the other one will return just as high! I don’t know how you do it! ~A

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