Women’s Retreat

I realized that I hadn’t yet posted anything about the wonderful retreat we held with our church a couple of weekends ago.  A group of about 22 women from epic, gathered at Wesley Woods for an overnight stay where we shared several of our stories and really found a way to seek Christ in our busy lives. 

As one of the organizers of the event it was great to see it all come together (even if things didn’t work according to plan).  We’ve already got ideas for how to improve this for next year and look forward to having an even larger crowd.

I’m so very thankful to have found such a great church community.  The folks I’ve met through epic have continued to teach and guide me to both grow closer to God personally, but also share what that relationship does for me with others.

Check out my Flickr to see photos of the weekend!

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1 thought on “Women’s Retreat

  1. I love to hear when women come together for the cause of Christ. I know that the fellowship and the quest to know more about Christ together only makes life in the earth better. Glad it went well and go for it when you plan the next one!

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