Better to keep up…

than catch up!  At least that’s what I tell my students!  And look, here I am trying to cram at least three days of blog-worthy material into a frantic 15 minute-composition before I leave school to pick-up my angel.  I’ll try to hit the high points…

  1. We’ve had no other car incidents since Thursday
  2. We’ve had no better luck contacting our insurance agency
  3. Although, I haven’t really tried very diligently since I was still pretty annoyed
  4. C. had his 6 month check-up where we learned he jumped from 50th percentile in all areas to 65th for height, 75th for head circumference, and dropped to 25th for weight.
  5. We figured the crazy poops were the culprit for the less-than-stellar weight gain, and the doc wasn’t worried so we weren’t either
  6. I lied…I was worried (and continue to be) but have decided to accept that and move on
  7. Gavin arrived Friday evening to head to our race with us on Saturday morning.
  8. Calder decided to wake up every few hours Friday night, screaming his bloody head off
  9. Garth took said screamer for a 4:30 a.m. gas fill-up to calm him down.  Reportedly, he was asleep before leaving the driveway
  10. He was also awake before Garth was back in bed after setting the carseat down by the bed.
  11. Crazy gas (and I’m sure some shot soreness) was the cause for the insomnia
  12. The boys stayed home Saturday morning, so I headed to the race solo
  13. I was sad about not having anyone there with me, but I still ran like a champ and met my goals – running the whole time and not being last!
  14. Six-month picture appointment went fabulously – perfectly timed around the afternoon nap schedule
  15. I spent $50 less on pictures this time!
  16. Several of you will soon be receiving the e-mail so you can order your own pictures of my sweet boy!
  17. Sunday found us at church for a while, preparing for the service, enjoying the service and talking about where we see the church headed in the next year or so. 
  18. I spent most of the afternoon/evening under 2 fleece blankets wearing a sweatshirt and terrycloth pants trying to shake the chills and aching (which I think was from more than my 3.2 miles worth of running the day before).
  19. Woke up around 9:30 sweating like crazy and happy that my fever had broken!
  20. Survived Monday and look forward to hanging out with my good friend Emily tonight!

2 thoughts on “Better to keep up…

  1. 8. I sure didn’t feel like every few hours. It felt more like 2am to 6:30am to me. I don’t know how parents criers survive.
    13. YEAH. . . I don’t know why you ever doubted that you would?
    15. $50 less, yet to be determined they are still available online!
    17. “a while” 5+ hours is not “a while” but it was informative, I think, I wasn’t paying much attention for the last hour or so. I was beyond done.
    18. While my wonderful husband did laundry, washed the dishes and was extra super amazing.

  2. You are so very right, my love! I do have such a fabulous hubby – he keeps things so organized in our chaotic life!!

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