Six Months Already!

I recall a mass e-mail I sent out at the 6-week mark and here it is already 6 months!  We are slowly adjusting to the “busy”ness of school-year life.  It’s quite tiresome (I’m having difficulty staying awake as I type) but it is wonderful.   I am really learning how to balance time spent at school versus home.

 On this very special, first half-birthday, I’d like to send a message to my precious son.


You have changed my life in so many ways that I can hardly imagine it without you!  Your adorable personality is really beginning to shine through.  The way your eyes light up at the sight of a favorite toy, and your squeals of delight when I arrive to pick you up…everything about you makes my heart want to jump! 

I love that little crook in your arm, where I will continue to plant many kisses.  Already, we need to raise the siderail of your crib because you’re such a little mover!  When I think back over these past 6 months, I have forgotten the sleepless nights, the fussy moments, and the times when I wasn’t sure I could be the mommy you deserve.

But now, I know that it’s God’s grace that carries me through.  And that loving you, is what I was created to do.  I thank you for showing me how to slow down, how to be present, and how to be so completely vulnerable to every emotion.  You are my miracle.  I thank God for you and I love you with the whole of my heart!  Happy Half-Birthday!