Feelin’ the Love

After a 12-hour first day at school (G. has late practice this week), we just finished dinner (I know, it’s really late to have just eaten) and wrapping up our lunches for tomorrow.  My legs are killing me!  It’s amazing how just standing all day really takes a toll.  I did run on the riverwalk with the new jogger for the first time.  It’s a lot harder than I thought it’d be!  I think not having the power of your arms really makes the difference.  I found myself running one handed a lot.  Plus, it’s so different running outside than it is inside on the treadmill.  I climbed some killer hills (remember the one we walked in the massive snowstorm Mom and Dad?), but all in all I made it about 2 miles running and walked maybe another mile or so.

And (drumroll please) I weighed in tonight a little worried about the holiday picnic yesterday and the couple of nights of pizza.  But, it must have worked out in the long run because I was down another 4.2!!!  That makes a grand total of around 18 pounds so far!  It feels really go do be doing more to get healthier and to stay active.  Plus, I think I’m a much happier teacher right now than I would have been had I needed to dress for work 18 pounds ago! 🙂

I hope to post some shots of my classroom later this week…but for now, I have to do a little computer work and then rest up for tomorrow’s crazy day!  It seems like my classes are going to be pretty good for the most part…it will just a take a while to get used to 2nd hour conference.  It will all fall into place soon enough though!

I hope everyone else is enjoying a good start to their school year…and if you’re out there, stop by and say hello.  I haven’t had any comments in a super long time.  Didn’t you accept my apology for missing a few days worth of entries?

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  1. 🙂 I’m here!! Thanks for the link.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. It’s so encouraging to continue on when you are seeing a reduction in numbers, isn’t it? I wish you the best in your upcoming run.

    Have a great weekend! -Bec

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