The poop continues

We’ve taken him to the doctor, asked both our parents, our daycare provider, and frankly anyone else who will listen when the conversation shifts to the color, texture, odor and frequency of bowel movements, and still we have no answer as to this crazy new poop schedule.  Even though it might sound like we’re totally freaking out, we’re not.  We still have our happy-go-lucky little guy, complete with buckets-o-drool and sparkly eyes!  We’ve just upped the rate at which we plow through diapers!

As I write, my wonderful hubby just finished cleaning up another stinky diaper and is now joining me for breakfast (which he graciously made, granting me a few more minutes of shut-eye).  I am sooo very blessed to have such a wonderful man!  I wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for the amazing help, support and encouragement he gives on a daily basis.  Thanks, Babe!!

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