Saturday Sun, Saturday Fun

Checking out Great Grandma's handsGarth, Calder and I had the pleasure of taking Great Grandma Ewing out for brunch this morning.  From my childhood camping trips at the South Higgins Lake State Park, I vividly remember heading out for breakfast at the Cut River Restaurant.  I was thrilled to start the camping tradition with Calder this summer, though we did not indulge in a breakfast visit. 

There have been several changes (no more painted saws adorning the walls) from what I remember as a child, it was still a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.  I love watching Grandma with Calder…..I just think about all the things I have learned from my grandparents and can’t wait for him to share in those memories as well.

Likely the most exciting aspect of our trip was the addition to the Ewing household.  A 6-month old Labradoodle pup named Riley.  Grandma’s new companion is all-puppy (read very excitable, quite clumsy and still prone to accidents).  Nonetheless he seems very lovable and will hopefully settle into a good routine with Grandma. 


Upon our return home, we enjoyed a nice long walk with our new jogger.  Calder liked it so much he slept most of the time.  After devouring his cereal and nursing, he was bathed and put to bed.  Things are getting better with our nighttime routine too.  We held things off a little later the past couple of nights and that seemed to work well.  He’s such a little stinker though…he rolls all over now, and flashes this adorably mischevious smile whenever I go up to untangle or reposition him.  That reminds me…I wish we would have gotten a picture of it, but today he successfully “handcuffed” himself with his Linkadoos.  He had fallen asleep while playing with them, and somehow managed to get one around both wrists.  Only when he awoke and went to stretch did he realize he couldn’t move very far.  It was pretty cute!  More later!