So we did it.  We decided to try Calder on cereal.  He was a bit flummoxed by the spoon at first, but he eventually caught on.  I think that making it a little thicker will help and he seems to have enjoyed it.  We’re going to keep trying just one meal in the evenings for a bit and then maybe switch to a couple of meals of oatmeal per day.  Here’s my favorite photo of his first official “meal.”

With our first official teacher workday today, and our daycare provider off to move her daughter into her dorm room, Calder was able to spend the day with Grandma.  They played, laughed, talked and read books.  I think they both had a great time!  Garth and I got home around 3:30 and were able to spend a good evening hanging out and getting things around for tomorrow.

I think that’s going to be the hardest part of this new school schedule.  I’m really used to either staying really late working on things at school or coming home and resting for a bit and then really getting to work later.  But now, I want to spend every moment with Calder, then I have to get lunches around, pump parts washed, bottles frozen, running in, and that’s not considering schoolwork or things for church or the writing project.  I’m not saying this as “woe is me” anymore, just in awe of how I’ll get it all done!  But I know I will….and I have a awesome husband who is so great at helping with these things!  What’s more, he’s a great role model for me with the way he can get so much accomplished at school in a short amount of time!

I really hope to keep writing on a daily basis, but it might take me a little bit to figure out just how to get stuff posted.  Speaking of…I just uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr.  There are the pics of the downed tree, our camping trip, the outlaw party in the UP from last weekend and a few random shots too!  Check ’em out!