Monday Blues

For some odd reason I feel really poopy this morning.  No, not like little C-man, though that has been getting much better!  And in true Amanda style (over-analyze much?) I feel bad about feeling bad.  I mean, after all, we just returned from a wonderful weekend in the U.P. with family, friends and great food (lots of flowers too!).  And, we were even part of the modern society again upon our arrival at home.  Well, close.  We have power, but no cable and no phone….so it still feels like the dark ages in some ways!  We actually watched a video last night.  Not a DVD, a video!  How strange is that?

Another positive is that Calder slept for nearly 3 of the 4+ hours of the drive home yesterday.  Around hour 3 we started getting a little worried about what the night might hold.  After feverishly inhaling his dinner, playing for about an hour and watching us feverishly inhale our dinner, it was bath time.  And miraculously, he still turned in at 7:30!!!  He woke up around 8:30-9:00 as usual, and wanted a little snuggle time after his late night snack.

OK, so I think the real reason for the bad mood is a) the weird stench in my classroom and b) the fact that I have to take all my furniture into the hallway in order to have the cleaning crew re-shampoo the carpet to get rid of the weird stench.  ARRRGHH!  With today and tomorrow left as our “officially unofficial” work days I was feeling good about my progress.  I just loaded my new book shelves, have all my little “homey” touches in place, and was about to tackle posters and books.  Now, I have to empty out and start fresh again!  Give me a while and I’m sure I won’t feel so “woe is me,” but for now, I’m bummed!