Excitement with a capital “E”

OK, so I’m going to summarize as efficiently as possible the insane events that ensued yesterday.  I’ll begin with daycare….

Miss K: (with a look of uncertainty) I have a confession.

Immediately my mind slips back to the last time I heard those words from my very own mother in Colorado, where I learned that my son had been momentarily locked in the hotel room.  Alone!  Luckily he was in his pack and play and all turned out just fine

Me: Okay? (spoken calmly)

Miss K: Madey (Golden Retriever pup) ate Calder’s pacifier.

Me: (breathing a sigh of relief) Oh!  That’s no problem, we have another one at home.

Miss K: And since he didn’t have it, he hasn’t taken a good nap since this morning.

Me: No problem, he’ll be fine.  I’m just interested in how Madey will be?!

What I thought would be heart-dropping news, turned out to be rather trivial and funny.  The irony there, is that Calder’s two pacifiers have travelled to California, Colorado, the UP, Ypsilanti, Grand Rapids and countless other places, without being lost.  I wonder if the pacifier rule is like the accident rule?  You know, most accidents happen within a certain distance from home.

With our back-up binky firmly in place, Calder and I snuggled later on the couch while my darling husband went about the business of completing odd jobs around the house since we’d be leaving in the morning.  Fast forward a few hours and he and Miss Micah return home and we start watching a movie on cable.  The lightning and thunder picks up, as does the rain and wind.  About half-way through our movie, there’s a big crack of thunder and all goes dark. 

This was the kind of thunder that shook your core, the kind you could feel with a thud in your chest.  Or, was it?

“We just lost a big tree!” Garth exclaimed from the red room. 

With that, we were all peering out the window to bear witness to the monstrous portion of the tree near our property that was currently blocking the entire street, the trunk-sized branch of which was suspended above the ground courtesy of our power lines.

“Holy crap!” I breathed, fogging up the window.

The storm continued to rage for about 30 minutes longer, while we called Consumer’s and lit candles so we could play dominoes to take Micah’s mind off the craziness.  As I write, Micah, Calder and I are at school and Garth is at home, still without power, waiting for Consumer’s to arrive.  As we left town, we saw about 4-5 other trees/branches littering sidewalks, streets and yards. 

Hopefully we’ll be able to head out before too long!  And (as has become my catch-phrase) I took pics of the tree, and will post them soon!