As I lie here contemplating the long trek upstairs where my oh-so-comfortable bed awaits, I realize I haven’t yet posted the good news of tonight’s weigh in!  Down another 3.6 pounds!  Hooray!  I was totally going to celebrate my success by indulging in one of my all-time favorites – a flurry!  After I got in a good mile run (yes, my knees are still hurting), I headed to the Ice Cream Shoppe.  I promptly returned, empty-handed.  They were closed!  😦

I suppose it was a good thing, though.  Instead I enjoyed a mini special dark!  Plus, that will leave more room for this weekend’s food fest at the annual Cornwell Outlaw Party. 

So, back to the knees for a bit.  I arrived home after my run and Calder was still fussing and not settling in for bed.  Sweaty and stinky I trudged up the stairs to tend to him.  He wasn’t wet, so I figured I would just snuggle for a bit (I’m sure he appreciated that!).  As I was cuddling, I started The Sway.  Those with babies, know what I’m speaking of!  There I stood, feet firmly planted, bending my knees at strange inward angles.  Could it be?  I stop to think of the million times I’ve swayed in my life.  No way?!  Granted, I won’t say that it’s the complete cause, but I really think it’s related!  Craziness!

Hopefully, by staying active (and staying smart) I’ll be able to keep running and be ready for the 15th!

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