“Knee”ding a day off

OK, so I only ran one morning while we were gone.  But I did go kayaking twice and walked quite a bit.  And yes, I did have several “off plan” foods, but I really tried to watch portions and make the healthiest choices I could.  I really do hope that I lose again this week!  One good thing was the fact that I wore a pair of jeans today that were too tight only a couple of weeks ago!  This could be the answer!  If I can shed say 5-7 more pounds before school officially starts, I think that I will actually have a few outfits to choose from for those first couple of weeks.

On the downside…my knees are really sore!  I ran for only about 15 minutes on the treadmill when we got home yesterday, and I was feeling good breathing-wise, but I could hardly stand it for the pain in my legs.  So I cut my workout short, and iced my aching legs.  I took today off again and hopefully will be back at it tomorrow!  We’ve got less than one month until race time! 

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