A Day of Rest

So I doubt I have many readers who have missed me over the past few days, but I know I have certainly missed posting!  Garth and I had planned a camping trip to Higgins Lake a couple of months ago.  With Grandpa’s passing, we decided to head up a day early to spend time with family.  So we hurriedly got the Jeep loaded down (and by loaded, I’m talking couldn’t-see-out-the-back-packed-around-the-carseat loaded). 

We got the tent up with very little in the way of arguing and were able to spend most of the evening with family.  On Thursday morning, we got up and around in time to head back into Houghton Lake for the viewing and service.  There was a beautiful video and it was nice seeing the many familiar faces who came to pay their respects.  The service went very well…I was especially touched by the military portion.  We are truly blessed to have those in the armed forces perserving the freedoms we have come to accept as a daily part of life.

I wish I could report that camping went swimmingly as well, and while we did make the best of it, it certainly could have been better.  It was extremely chilly and windy most of the time.  That coupled with Calder’s sudden increase in messy diapers, crabbiness, and desire to do anything but sleep, we were a little stressed.  Our friends Kyle and Jenny and their son, Bryant, joined us for the weekend.  We did manage to get in two kayak rides and (of course) Saturday morning was beautiful.  We stopped at the camp store and bought some sweatshirts for our boys and headed out around 11 Saturday morning. 

A long ride home, loads of laundry and barely standing piles of random articles we took with us, still fill our table and counters.  Gavin and Shelly stopped by Saturday night and came back to spend the night tonight.  We’ve had a little bit more crabbiness from Calder, and lots more poo too!  We’re expecting to see some teeth sometime soon (maybe hoping is more accurate). 

I suppose that’s a fairly good recap of the weekend, and believe me I will be uploading pictures sometime soon.  However, tonight, I have to turn in early.  We’re “starting school” tomorrow so that we can get into the swing of things before it’s absolutely required!  I’m happy, but slightly nervous considering how early I’m going to have to get up in order to get around and ready to leave by 6:15!!!  So, I’m off to bed! 

1 thought on “A Day of Rest

  1. Hey,
    As I was working out at Curves this morning at 6:15 I was thinking of you Cornwells and wondering how you all were doing. The next post should be an interesting one.
    We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend and a crabby Calder with messy diapers is perfectly okay with us.
    Have a GREAT day and know that we’ll keep up with “the morning routine” as best we can.
    Love you all!

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