First “official” weigh in

I was quite good all week long with the exception of Saturday when we had our family reunion.  So I was certainly pleased with my 6.4 pound weight loss this week!  I know these first few weeks usually bring in the big numbers, so I have to brace myself for when I’m celebrating the 1/2 pound here and the 1/2 pound there. 

I took today off from running since my knee was a little sore.  I’m planning to get back in the habit tomorrow though….espeically considering that the 5k is one month from tomorrow!  How crazy!  One cool thing I’ve learned is how much better it is to workout to music.  I know!  I know!  I’m slow at becoming a blogger and now running to music is like a new discovery…but seriously, for me it is.  It really does make the time go faster and I find myself keeping the beat, which is great because it keeps me moving at a good clip!

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