What a run!

This is one I should have posted last night, but I still have to report how happy/proud I am that I ran almost 2 miles on the treadmill last night and it felt great!  It’s funny too because I started out just walking to get warmed up and then I had settled on my speed of 4mph (though I don’t think our machine is truly calibrated correctly).  After a while, I felt like I had to keep my muscles tighter to run at that pace because I wasn’t getting a very long stride.  So I bumped it to 4.5, then to 5 and that was a much better pace.  I kept it there for most of the time and then took it to 6 for the last minute or so.

I ended up taking today off, but I’m actually looking forward to getting up, feeding C-man then hitting the treadmill to start off the day.  Unfortunately, that schedule will only happen for a few more days this week, then we’re back to work and there’s NO WAY I’m getting up any earlier than absolutely necessary when it comes to getting to work on time!  I’m already fretting about how I’m going to get up and around before Calder wakes around 6ish!  Ick!

I also thought it was cool that even though I’m sure I exceeded even my 35 weekly points allowance at our family reunion on Saturday, I weighed in at my folks’ house and I was down about 4lbs!  Hopefully that’s true on Tuesday too!