A “Moving” Experience

Julie doing a rubbing on the wall

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On Saturday, we visited the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall at the VFW National Home for Children. Having never traveled to Washington D.C. I appreciated the opportunity to experience it in this capacity at the very least. My aunt Julie works at the home and has kept us informed about the schedule of events surrounding the wall’s visit.

In fact, I got chills when I realized that the loud fighter jets I heard from my friend Emily’s house on Thursday afternoon, were the very same jets that tipped their wings in salute to those fallen soldiers at the opening ceremony that same afternoon.

It was so very powerful watching friends, families and veterans pay their respects. The flowers, angel pins and other momentos that lined the wall were smalls signs of remembrance for these men and women. With a brother in the military, this really made me think about the sacrifice these thousands of families made.