OK, so I’m sitting here, trying to keep from sweating, but that’s a near impossibility!  Luckily I was able to survive getting my hair done so that I’m ready for writing group tonight!  And that brings me to the subject of hair.  So I’d heard that a few months post-partum, you begin to lose some of the lustrous locks that pregnancy temporarily bestowed upon you.  I had no idea! 

My poor brush has to be cleaned almost daily and it’s all I can do to keep the floor clean!  I’m amazed that I have any hair left on my head!  Hopefully this stops someday soon! 

2 thoughts on “Molting

  1. Hey Girl-ya, the hair thing…’s so not good. Same thing happened to me and sadly, after nearly 17 months, it’s still breaking, falling out and clogging up the drain! YUCK! Best wishes, let me know if you find a “cure” Love ya, Bye!~

  2. Seriously? I thought it would last a couple of months or so! Looks like I’ll have to get Plumber Garth on the job! Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of summer!

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