First Goal + 21

OK, so I signed up for Weight Watchers tonight and I’m already feeling better.  I already knew what the number was I would see, so it wasn’t as traumatic as it could have been.  It’s a little scary thinking about how far I have to go, so I’m just going to take it one day at a time.  It felt good to get focused on it though, and I hope that it goes well. 

As for my other appointments, my ortho consult went well, but the cost is a bit prohibitive at this point.  I think we’re going to wait through the fall to see how we feel with daycare expenses, starting Calder’s college fund, etc.  I really hope to get started on it in January though!  And my massage…well, it was great up until I started feeling that tingling in my face again and ended up with a swollen lip!  It happened for the first time just after I was pregnant last summer and this is probably the fourth or fifth time it’s occurred.  I don’t know what causes it or why, but it usually goes down after a couple of hours. 

Anyway, I’m off to bed!  Check in with you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “First Goal + 21

  1. i’ve not gotten into the blogging thingy either. i don’t know if it’s the time or the fear of not being as big of a “techy” as i had hoped i was.

    i’m on my lunch hour so i don’t have much time. i’ll “blog” you again later! (is that the correct terminology???!!!???)

  2. no prob! you’re at least “techy” enough to figure out how to post a comment. glad you’ll be keeping tabs on us…hopefully you’ll get a little more comfy with the tech piece as time goes on!

  3. Good luck with the weight watchers. I’ve been on a fitness “journey” since Oct. 2006 but doing it on my own for the most part. Stay focused, positive and determined.

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